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Curly Styling Pro Kit

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Introducing the Noughty Curly Styling Pro Kit - Your Ultimate Curl Care Companion!

Get ready to embrace your curls with our Noughty Curly Styling Pro Kit, a treasure trove of curl-loving goodies worth £63.44! 🌈 Hydrate, define, and lock in those beautiful curls with our best-selling To The Rescue and Wave Hello ranges, specifically designed to give every curl type the bounce and definition it craves.

Inside this fabulous kit, you'll find everything you need to rock those curls with confidence:

💆‍♀️ TO THE RESCUE HAIR MASK - Nourishing hydration at its finest! Packed with argan oil for improved elasticity, lecithin to support the hair barrier, and black oat extract for added shine, this mask will leave your curls feeling soft, smooth, and beautifully nourished.

🌀 HELLO CURLS PRIMER - Let your curls shine bright! Our curl-optimising QuinOxy, combined with shea butter and avocado oil, defines and adds hold to freshly washed curls. Plus, it reshapes and redefines second-day curls between washes!

💧 THIRST AID DETANGLING SPRAY - Snaps and splits, be gone! This leave-in conditioning spray with argan oil helps increase elasticity, while sweet almond extract replenishes moisture and strengthens your locks. Hello, tangle-free curls!

💫 WAVE HELLO TAMING CREAM - Say hello to defined, silky soft curls! Our curl-optimising QuinOxy formula fights frizz, leaving your waves smooth, hydrated, and ready to conquer the world!

🌊 MICROFIBRE HAIR TOWEL - Say goodbye to frizz and breakage! This luxurious, super-soft microfibre towel quickly absorbs moisture, reducing drying time while combating static and fly-aways. It's a curly girl's best friend!

🌊 HEY CURL SCRUNCHING JELLY - Get those flake-free, defined curls! This lightweight jelly adds lasting hold without the crunch or stickiness. With sea botanicals and copolymers, it hydrates and adds a dazzling shine, taming frizz for good!

🛍️ NOUGHTY DRAWSTRING BAG - And because we believe your curls deserve the best even on-the-go, we're throwing in a limited edition drawstring bag. Take your Noughty must-haves wherever you go without breaking your haircare routine!

Unlock the true potential of your curls with the Noughty Curly Styling Pro Kit, the ultimate curl care companion that pampers your waves and curls, making them the envy of all! Embrace your natural beauty and let your curls do the talking.

Grab yours now and wave hello to luscious, defined curls every day! 🌿

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How to Use...

Step 1

After shampooing hair, squeeze excess moisture out and apply the To The Rescue Treatment Mask from root to tip. Leave in for 3-5 minutes and follow with normal conditioner.

Step 2

After conditioning, use the microfibre hair towel to partially dry hair, then spritz damp curls with Hello Curls Primer to prime and shape, or Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray to combat dry ends.

Step 3

Follow with Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream or Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly from root to tip for definition and finish. Ta-da! One hell of a curl routine to get you bouncing in no time.