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3% Synthetic. Our Stance. Noughty

3% Synthetic. Our Stance.

97% Natural. 3% Synthetic. Just one of our Noughty choices. So what does synthetic actually mean, what is the 3% and why is it a Noughty choice?

synthetic substance or synthetic compound refers to a substance that is man-made by synthesis, rather than being produced by nature.  In other words, if human intervention is required, then the substance is considered synthetic. On the other hand, if it’s found in nature, then it’s natural.

The 3% synthetic ingredients in Noughty products are preservatives, stabilisers and fragrance – elements critical to high performance, safe haircare that’s a joy to use.  At Noughty, transparency is of utmost importance to us so here’s why we’re loud and proud about that 3%: because it matters.

PRESERVATIVES – more than just stopping the product from going off after opening or turning green and growing, preservatives ensure that your product is safe to use for its entire lifespan (that’s the period after opening, or PAO on the back of the pack).

STABILISERS – these are the ingredients that maintain the performance of the product.  Things like emulsifiers that keep the plant oils and water-based extracts from separating.  Stabilisers help us deliver on our commitment to high performance.

FRAGRANCE – we temper our use of natural fragrance ingredients with nature identical and synthetic notes because we believe in a balance between performance, safety and the natural. Natural fragrances can irritate some sensitive skins and can contain known allergens so we find natural fragrance ingredients are best used in small doses.  We work hard to ensure our fragrances perform, and that’s why they are carefully crafted to bring you a divine sensorial experience.  Natural versus synthetic fragrance is a topic we are often asked about, so keep an eye out for our up and coming blog that dives deeper in to fragrance.

So for us, the decision to use synthetic ingredients is a conscious one and is based on our understanding of the limitations of natural sustainability as well as pure chemistry.

While natural is really important to us, ingredients have to be sustainable. Some ingredients occur at such low levels in nature that it would be unsustainable and hugely wasteful to use the natural. Some plant ingredients are so endangered through human use that it is unethical to use them. And sometimes synthetic chemistry enables us to create something that just isn’t possible naturally. Our choice to use 97% natural, gives us the flexibility to choose where and when natural or synthetic is more sustainable.

In addition, over the past two decades, botanists, scientists and cosmetic chemists have worked hard to find alternatives to synthetic ingredients in nature. Specifically in plants. But it’s very challenging; as any gardener knows, plants don’t always do what you’d like them to. They don’t always produce the plant chemistry to replace synthetic chemistry. So while the brainiacs keep looking, we’ll be using that 3% to preserve, fragrance and hold together Noughty products, making them safe, sweet smelling and effective for you no matter where you are on the globe.

97% natural, 3% synthetic. 100% Noughty.  

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