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Hair Masks: The Why and How

Whether you spell them will a ‘k’ or ‘que’, longer-contact treatments like masks/masques have returns that are worth investing in. And not just for the condition of your mane: masks stretch the money in your pocket by making products like conditioner and even stylers go further. All by improving the condition of your locks. When it comes to hair masks, it’s all about two things: the damage we inflict on our hair (through heat-styling, over-processing, the urban environment and skipping hairdressing appointments); and contact time.

Damage Spiral

Damaged hair can result in a spiral toward more splits, breaks and weakness as hair loses more moisture through damaged areas. Since moisture is the key to healthy looking, strong locks, stopping a spiral in its tracks is key. Dry and damaged hair isn’t going to self-repair. Wield your super powers and drench manes in moisture with an ultra-hydrating mask, like our To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment. Specifically formulated to massively boost hair hydration, it helps to improve hairs overall condition, which in turn makes it more resistant to the impact of styling, processing and environmental conditions. Hydration is key to strong hair: unlike skin, which benefits from the water we drink, hair is hydrated by the ingredients put on it to add moisture, and those applied to trap it in the hair shaft where it’s beneficial.

To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment

Magic Minutes

Masks benefit from more minutes left on the hair before washing out, so demand more patience and time from you, too. The time in which the ingredients in To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment are touching hair influences the impact it has on hair and the results you see. How do we know? Because the blend of lecithin and black oat extract has been researched and tested and the results quantified. So we know that the benefits start at 3 to 5 minutes. Leave the hair mask in for 20 minutes if you need some deep moisture penetration on your hair. With more contact time comes greater penetration of the hair shaft and more performance results. Don’t expect to be able to get results from using a mask as you would a conditioner: it needs that extra time and regular (weekly) use. 

Stretching Pounds

Properly hydrated, moisturised hair needs less conditioner to get the same results. You might even find yourself swapping a lighter weight moisturiser into your regime more and more, as the condition of your hair improves. Since frizz and fly-aways are often the results of damage, the improvement in condition should reduce the appearance of the terrible twosome. So you’ll need less styling product to instil hair discipline.

Whether you spell it with a ‘k’ or a ‘que’, mask for great hair days.

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