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Hello Curls - Define & Reshape Curl Primer

Whether your mane is straight, 2, 3 or 4, A, B or C, everyone needs a bit of hair TLC. Weight (of your curl, of course), the weather and even bedhead can work against you when it comes to achieving and maintaining defined curls. It’s why we’re waving hello to Hello Curls Define & Reshape Curl Primer, our latest innovation (we happen to think it’ll be a bit of a hair hero) in our arsenal of tools for natural curls.

Prime Purpose

Hello Curls is designed to be used on freshly washed hair beneath a styling product or as a styler in its own right (the defining bit). But its powers of curl management don’t stop there. It can be used on all the days between one wash and the next to reform, enliven, and reshape curls and reinvigorate body and bounce to lifeless waves. Whether you’re spritzing Hello Curls on damp hair or dry, it will produce stand out curls on day one and beyond.


Hello Curls is packed with all the moisture-boosting naturals you’d expect from a product that sits in the Noughty Wave Hello range – those hydrating, smoothing, moisture-restoring marine extracts including sea kelp, and plenty of barrier-enhancing, shine-inducing plant oils. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Noughty formula if it didn’t have science and innovation running right through its heart.

Quinoxy, our revolutionary blend of camellia seed oil, wheat bran extract and linoleic acid, has been thoroughly researched and scientifically tested. Tested, specifically, on curly hair of different types. The hair geeks (PhDs and all) looked at frizz, volume, damage and curl retention. They used specially built machines and protocols to put hair through the conditions and pressure of everyday life. Quinoxy? It measures up to the challenge, helping to seal the cuticle so the good stuff stays in, maintaining condition and curl and keeping frizz-inducing moisture out. It controls volume, helping the individual strands of hair making up a curl to lie more compatibly with one another in a disciplined way. It helps to retain curl form and shape. All properties you’ll see the results of when you use Hello Curls.

We can’t resist a mist. It's why we’re sure you’ll be saying hello to a new hair hero.

To complete the range, use alongside our Wave Hello collection - including our new Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly and Curl Taming cream.

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