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How To Apply A Hair Mask For Best Results

Masking Right

There’s a right way to use a hair mask. Shocking, we know. And most of it comes down to the order in which you apply product.

Clean, Treat, Protect

Order is important when it comes to getting the most from a product and for your pennies. If you’re going to apply a mask, you want nothing between it and the cuticle, to get maximum absorption and results. A shampoo with chelating ingredients designed to lift away product residue, pollution deposits and excess natural oils works a treat. All of Noughty’s shampoos contain a percentage of these, but if you’ve been piling on the styling product, especially silicone-based ones, consider a clarifying shampoo like Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo to intensively clean before you mask.

Now you’ve removed all the obstacles, it’s time to get down to masking. Masks like Noughty’s To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment are packed with actives that need a little extra contact time with your hair, so we recommend leaving it on your mane for up to 20 minutes, but always at least 5. These pricey ingredients are problem solvers, designed to address specific issues and replenish what’s been lost from your hair through styling, processing, pollution...

Then, and only then, condition. Conditioner is designed to seal in the moisture, enhancing the barrier function of the cuticle, and helping to reduce the rate at which essential moisture escapes the hair shaft. Not to mention helping to protect locks from the challenges of modern life. If you apply it before the mask, that shield will make it harder for actives to penetrate, reducing the efficacy of the mask.

Masks Not Miracle Workers

If you wait to use a mask until your locks are in dire states, it’s going to take time to get back to a healthy status quo. However, used correctly and on a regular basis like preventative medicine, a mask can not only keep hair from hitting rock bottom, it can save you pennies, too. A good mask should make your conditioner more effective, so you’ll need less to get the results you want.

Mask more. Spend less.


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