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Love Your Extensions for Longer with Noughty

Why do we always want what we haven’t got? Whiter teeth, a peachier bum, healthier hair? Today, there are beauty solutions for it all and hair extensions and wigs are the stuff of hair dreams. Here at Noughty, we love to make dreams come true, so we’re delighted to say that our natural, kind formulations can continue to be her perfect match. If you're lusting after longer locks, beach waves or simply a half decent ponytail, give good quality hair extensions a go. They can help you reach your ultimate hair goals if you’re prepared to look after them. Whether they stay put with glue, micro-bonds, tape, beads, micro rings, weft or clips, here are our Noughty secrets to making the most of extensions. 

Go sulphate and silicone free.

On any kind of hair, sulphates can act as irritants and strip hair and scalp of natural oils. When it comes to extensions, whether they are human hair or synthetic, sulphates can shorten their life, and affect their integrity. So, we recommend always using a sulphate-free shampoo.

Silicones can loosen bonds and cause extensions to slip off the hair they are attached to. Even if you avoid putting silicone based products directly onto bonds, they build up on your extensions, forming an impenetrable barrier that stops conditioner or treatments working their magic to nourish and repair. That’s just one of the many reasons you’ll never find silicone or sulphates in any Noughty product.


If you have previously been using products which contain sulphates and silicones, we recommend using a clarifying shampoo like Noughty’s Detox Dynamo to remove build-up and create the cleanest surface for good grip.

Cleansing technique.

As a rule of thumb, extensions should only be washed 2-3 times a week. When shampooing, do so gently to avoid disturbing the bonds between your hair and extensions. Instead of trying to spread shampoo from a single central dollop, use multiple blueberry-sized droplets. Activate each droplet by adding a little water and rubbing between your palms, before massaging it into an area. Work from scalp to tip.


Always apply conditioner and treatments to mid-lengths and ends, but NEVER to roots, or where the extensions are bonded. This is because the oils and conditioning extracts can cause them to loosen. If you really don’t want to risk any oils coming into contact with the bond, try Noughty’s Pumped Up Conditioner, which relies on glycerine and vitamin B5 to condition locks.

Avoid nasty knots.

Tangles and knots can lead to loosening the grip of the extension on your hair, so avoiding these is crucial to maintenance. Brush your hair and extensions regularly: at least twice a day, and always before shampooing. Work from tip to root to avoid creating knots, detangling as you go.

The detail is in the drying.

Firstly, never, ever sleep with wet hair when you have extensions. It’s the surest way to acquire a nest of knots.

When drying, squeeze excess water from hair and wrap it in a towel. Don’t rub or wring. Instead, consider investing in a microfibre, bamboo or jersey towel. These remove excess water quickly, without roughing up the cuticle, causing tangles and affecting the condition of your hair. Apply a heat protecting serum such as Noughty's To The Rescue Anti-frizz Serum before heat styling, to help preserve the life of your extensions.

If you’re blow drying, dry down the hair shaft, working from root to tip, to minimise tangling. If you have bonded extensions (glue and tape fall into this category) be sure to use cool air around the scalp, so the bonds aren’t softened or weakened.

Follow these tips and love your extended locks for longer with Noughty.

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