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Noughty partners with Mosaic Trust to empower young LGBT+ talent

Noughty partners with Mosaic Trust to empower young LGBT+ talent

Noughty proudly announces its collaboration with Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust, a leading organization dedicated to advancing the potential of young LGBT+ persons in the workplace. This partnership, timed to coincide with Pride Month, signifies a powerful commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the beauty industry and beyond.

As a certified B Corp, Noughty’s ethos lies in a profound commitment to championing the voices of all communities. Rooted in this ethos is the belief that beauty and the workplace should be inclusive and accessible to everyone, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Through its partnership with Mosaic Trust, Noughty aims to create a more equitable and supportive environment for young LGBT+ persons to thrive professionally.

Mosaic Trust, with its mission to support, educate, and inspire young LGBT+ persons, aligns seamlessly with Noughty’s values. As a brand that advocates for social responsibility and inclusivity, Noughty recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for marginalized communities to excel.

"We are so excited to announce that Noughty is an early supporter of Mosaic Trust and the Mosaic Works program! Their office will be hosting two Mosaic young persons for a 2-week work experience in June 2024 and helping to reduce the barriers young LGBT+ persons face to entering and thriving in the workplace."

Rachel Padilla, Strategic Partnerships Manager at Mosaic Trust

Recent statistics underscore the necessity of initiatives and collaborations like these. According to a study, nearly a quarter (23%) of LGBT+ persons have faced discrimination in the workplace due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Additionally, a staggering 25% of young LGBT+ persons have felt compelled to conceal their identities upon entering the workforce.

Considering these sobering realities, Noughty has committed to an annual partnership with Mosaic Trust, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to fostering a more inclusive and equitable future. As part of this partnership, Noughty will be actively involved in various initiatives throughout 2024, including hosting work experience placements at its headquarters in June, participating in team events and workshops, and engaging in joint workplace and inclusion coaching sessions.

Claire Green, Brand Director at Noughty,
expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

“We believe beauty shouldn’t come at the price of people, planet, or paws. At Noughty, we’re committed to creating products that bring joy and confidence to all, celebrating the voices of all communities so that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. Partnering with the Mosaic team has been truly inspiring. Through this collaboration, Noughty is dedicated to providing education, support, and inspiration to help young LGBT+ persons pursue their ambitions in the beauty industry and beyond.”

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