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Noughty’s The Booster Range: Your body’s caffeine dose Noughty

Noughty’s The Booster Range: Your body’s caffeine dose

Our bodies go through a lot during our lifetime and that can lead to challenges for our skin. From fluctuating weight, pregnancy or just as we journey through life, skin can begin to sag, tone and texture changes and wrinkles on the body can start to show. The Booster bodycare range has been specially formulated using an array of skin actives that target those skin challenges in the most effective ways. You may recognise some of these ingredients we’ve used from your facial skincare because at Noughty we believe it’s important to treat the skin on the body with the same care and attention as we treat the skin on our faces. So Indian coleus, caffeine, giant kelp, and incredible plant oils are just some of the potent actives you’ll find in The Booster range.



How To Tell If The Booster Is For You

What do we mean by dull, challenged, and tired skin? In fact, lots of us have areas of our body with skin that fits this description. It’s why The Booster is packed with targeted solutions for specific areas. You’ll find answers to skin challenges here if you have:

  • Skin that looks flat, lacks lustre or a healthy glow
  • Skin which is losing tonicity and bounce as a result of the collapse of collagen and elastin production as we age
  • Skin stretched at speed through muscle gain, for example, or pregnancy
  • Skin prone to cellulite (it affects 90% of women and just 10% of men)
  • Skin after weight loss that wants to recover firmness while celebrating a healthier you
  • Skin that will benefit from stimulating microcirculation
  • Skin almost behaves like rubber: lots of flex at low stretch, but much stiffer at higher stretch levels. In contrast to rubber though, skin’s physical properties vary depending on the different directions you measure it in. An easy way to think of this is like denim – it frays more along the horizontal then along the vertical. When chronically stretched beyond its physiological limit, skin increases its surface area to reduce the mechanical load. But it doesn’t always snap back, especially the epidermis, so you can be left with loose skin, stretchmarks, lines and/or crepey skin.

Noughty's Booster Stretchmark Cream

Application Tips

Many of the changes resulting from these skin challenges can’t be reversed but if you’re looking to support your amazing body, then Noughty can help, with actives and suggested actions to help improve the appearance of challenged skin. Improving microcirculation and helping actives penetrate the skin where they’re needed is key to achieving brighter, smoother, firmer skin, and it starts with application technique. Approach applying product to your body in the same way you would your face: cleanse first. Then apply your serum and treatments to the areas that need targeting, and finish with moisturiser.


Good application technique and the right moves can enhance the absorption of the product and its active ingredients, increasing their benefits as well as activating circulation- don’t save this for your Self Care Sunday! Make bodycare part of your everyday care routine. The best results are achieved by taking the time to work product in, for it to be fully absorbed before applying more or moving on. Relax, enjoy the moment and build, you can always add more product, however, having too much product can leave a residue that won’t work into the skin. So, take a less is more approach, adding serum, treatment, or moisturiser as you need it.


Use overlapping circular motions to apply, working toward your heart with upward strokes (knees to thighs, elbows to shoulders,) this will help stimulate circulation and enhance penetration of the product. Treat the more delicate skin on the décolleté and neck to a gentle touch as you sweep upward.


When focusing your attentions on particularly stubborn areas, use your knuckles in circular motions, followed by long upward strokes like a roller. In localised areas of cellulite that are hard to massage into, try (gently) pinching and releasing skin between thumb and forefinger.


Consistency is key to delivering the best result!

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