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Pump up the Volume.

The quest for volume is a never-ending battle for many of us. At Noughty, we believe that science holds the key to almost everything, so to fight the frenzy of fine hair and achieve volume victory, let’s explore the science.

The physics of fibre says the thinner the diameter of an individual fibre, the more it deforms. Deforms? That means loses shape. Fine hair, by definition, has the smallest diameter of the hair types, making it more vulnerable to the effects of gravity, the weight of other hair on the head, and the weight of any products used. This goes some way to explaining why your hair goes limp, both as it gets longer, and as you add more products to your regime.

Fine hair shouldn’t be mistaken for thinning hair. Per square centimetre, people with fine hair have more hairs on their head than other hair types; the biology behind part of the problem. Each of those hairs has its own oil gland in the scalp, meaning fine-hair produces more natural oils per square centimetre of hair, weighing the hair down root first, before product is even applied. No wonder you find yourself washing your hair every day.

Wait, there’s more physics before we’re through. The volume of surface area in relation to the mass of hair on your head is greater if you have fine hair. So what? Let’s do the maths: more surface area to cortical fibre + more strands = more potential for product, natural oil and general grime to cling to hair and weigh it down. The conclusion? The products you use on your hair and the ingredients they contain can be critical to making the most of the volume you have in fine hair. 

How to boost the bounce.

Volume may be the holy grail of the fine-haired, but these tips and tricks to boosting bounce can benefit any head of hair in search of a lift.

1) Use the Right Shampoo & Conditioner

Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal. Nor should they be. Noughty packs its products with carefully selected ingredients, chosen to benefit problems defined by your specific hair type. So use the right product range to address the challenges facing your hairs particular needs.

Noughty’s volumising range Pumped Up is formulated with a cocktail of amino acids; the precursors to proteins that can help to strengthen and add thickness to the hair shaft. The oil-free formulation is blended to moisturise without weighing down the fine fibres so it’s the right choice for fine or limp hair. This volumising range is specially formulated to be oil free with an emphasis on weightless moisturisation. We’ve packed the formulations with ingredients to attract moisture and strengthen hair, but have formulated without any ingredient that will leave build up; body-draining, limp-inducing build up. That’s the science behind Pumped Up.  Potent plant chemistry, a cocktail of amino acids, red grape and vitamins like moisture boosting B5 for sulphate, silicone and oil-free cleansing and conditioning. 

2) Use Your Products Correctly

  • Don’t apply conditioner too close to the roots – this can leave hair flat and make it appear oily, faster. Conditioner should only be applied from the mid-lengths to tips.

  • Do rinse out shampoo and conditioner thoroughly, working from root to tip – this will prevent residues from building up and weighing hair down. Time rinsing is time well spent when it comes to adding volume.

  • Don’t apply too much styling product - this can weigh the hair down, causing volume and style to ‘fall out’ of the hair.

3) Use Cold Water

Hot water stimulates the oil glands in our scalps to produce more oil. Washing and rinsing in cold (okay, cool) water will reduce the stimulation of the glands and the amount of oil produced.

Since fine haired heads have more oil glands per square centimetre than other hair types, the management of oil production is key to keep hair looking clean for longer and full of bounce.  

4) Shampoo Daily

Since oils, grime and residue are the enemy of volume, champion the bounce by washing your hair daily. However remember everyone is different and only you can find the right balance of cleanliness and moisture for your hair, so listen to what your roots are telling you.

 5) Cut Your Hair or Keep it Trimmed

The shorter your hair, the less it weighs. The less it weighs, the less it drags down the hair close to the root and the more volume you have. There’s nothing like a good trim to bring back the bounce.

6) Use Volume-Building Styling Techniques

  • The Upside Down Blow Dry
    While your hair’s damp, hang your head down flipping your hair over. Using your hairdryer, brush your hair forward, focusing the hairdryer at the roots. Once hair is dry, stand up, flick it back and style as normal. Et Voila; you’ve upsized your volume.

  • Root Lift
    Working in sections, lift damp hair in the opposite direction from the way it grows (like stroking a cat backwards) positioning your hairdryer underneath, as you blow dry. Use a root-boosting spray formulated specifically for fine hair. Once dry, add styling product to the ends of hair, as normal.

  • The Parting
    Hair will lie most flat where it parts, so a change to the parting, is as good as a holiday as they say. Swap your parting around to create volume at the crown.

  • Root Crimp
    Crimping just the roots of your hair creates volume right where it counts.  Making a whole series of little accordions adds fullness and creates the illusion of volume.

  • The Hot Roller
    Whilst this technique may bring back memories of the scene “Beauty School Dropout” from the 80’s film Grease (who didn’t want to be a pink lady?) hot rollers remain a really easy and effective way to add volume.  It’s a great trick if hair is already dry. 

  • Dry Shampoo
    Coating your roots with a layer of dry shampoo as soon as you finish blow-drying creates a barrier to the oil before it has a chance to build. Bonus: dry shampoo is inherently volume building so will create added texture.

Don’t fret over fine hair. Just, up the volume. Down the lights.

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