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Get the body youve always dreamed of Noughty

Get the body you’ve always dreamed of

Fans of our Pumped Up range will know it gives you the body you’ve always dreamed of, without the hard work. It miraculously makes fine limp hair a thing of the past. But how we hear you ask? We’re going to let you into a noughty secret and reveal the ingredient which turns this product into such a hair hero.

Let’s start with the basics, the name. This ingredient likes to be a bit of a diva, one name just isn’t enough for it. You’ll find it referred to as provitamin B5, pantothenic acid or panthenol. Ok, so it’s not really a diva, there is a perfectly good reason for its need for so many aliases. It all comes down to provitamins, the name given to substances that the body converts into vitamins. To put it simply, its name depends on where it’s found. On your hair (and in your shampoo), it’s called panthenol or provitamin B5. In your tummy, your body converts it to vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid.

The reason we use Panthenol at Noughty is because it’s a water-soluble humectant (sounds rather fancy hey?). This basically means it attracts water from the air and puts it onto the hair, where it contributes to strengthening each strand. In Noughty Pumped Up Volumising Shampoo, it helps to add volume to limp, fine hair, because the moisture it attracts plumps the hair shaft, creating volume as well as hydration.

A multi-tasking superhero, panthenol doesn’t stop there. In Pumped Up Volumising Conditioner, it helps the whole formulation spread evenly over the hair. This prevents you from needing to go OTT when lathering, you can achieve complete coverage with less product as it’s more efficient. Panthenol is also a lover of all things shiny. It loves to reflect light, giving you glossy, healthy-looking locks.

Powerful as it is though, panthenol is also very humble. It knows when it’s done its duty and is no longer required. As it’s water soluble, it washes out of the hair with the next wash, leaving no heavy build up.

Panthenol. Practically perfect in every way.

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