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natural vegan cruelty-free hair products for scalp soothing for dry and itchy hair

You and your scalp.

Want a shiny, strong, healthy looking mane? Lay the groundwork by looking after your scalp as you would the skin on your face.

Scalp Structure

Your scalp is the foundation of great hair but it’s not an area which is commonly understood. Let’s start with the basics, the structure. Each of the 100,000 or so hairs on your head grows from and through a follicle in your scalp. Follicles open on the surface of the scalp, providing hair with a convenient exit point. Every single one of those follicles is attached to a sebaceous gland that releases sebum, a natural oil which our bodies produce to moisturise our skin and hair. 

Just as clear pores equal clean skin, it’s important to keep these follicle openings clear, clean and obstacle free. Like skin everywhere else on your body, dead skin, grime, product residue and excess sebum can build up and block follicles. The blockage prevents sebum from being released to work its moisturising magic and in extreme cases can even cause the hair production of follicles to cease. 

Here are our very best Noughty little tips for scalps:

  1. For beautiful, thick manes of hair, pay more attention to your scalp. The surface of all skin from head to toe is constantly renewed, thanks to a constant cycling of cells that divide deep in the epidermis and work their way up to the surface of the skin. A dense mane of hair can make it harder for a scalp to do this, so it’s important that we give it a helping hand. Regular brushing, washing, massaging and even exfoliation, help to keep your scalp in good condition and your follicles clear so that renewal can take place undisturbed.
  1. Cut out the nasties. Sulphates and silicones can also wreak havoc with your scalp. Sulphates are well known to cause irritation and silicones are a prime culprit in causing blockage to follicles. Using natural shampoos like Noughty’s which don’t contain either of these nasties, will help contribute to a flaw-free scalp, ready for the mane of your dreams.
  1. For particularly sensitive, irritated or dandruff-prone scalps, our Care Taker Shampoo is just what the doctor ordered. The 97% natural formula gently cleanses and instantly relieves dry, itchy scalps. Rich in anti-irritant and scalp soothing ingredients such as bisabolol and oatmeal extract, it will help to leave your scalp feeling super soothed.
  1. Frequent heat styling is another foe for the scalp. Using heat on your hair causes the moisture within it to evaporate, leaving not only your hair but also your scalp dry. Now, we obviously aren’t going to tell you to ditch the straighteners and adopt the bird's nest look, but take care to replenish the moisture with a nourishing treatment like Intensive Care Leave-In Conditioner.

Ever wonder why the scalp massage you get in the hair salon feels so great? Here at Noughty, we spend a lot of time thinking hard about all things scalp and got to puzzling over what the science behind this could be. It turns out we aren’t the only ones wondering. Studies have shown that scalp massage can release the feel-good chemistry our body makes; endorphins and serotonin, lifting your mood, helping you relax and reducing stress. And that’s just the benefits you feel in the moment…there are an array of benefits lurking just below the skin.

Massage helps lift away dead skin cells, stimulates blood flow to the scalp, flow that contributes to the health of your scalp. And since a healthy scalp equals healthy hair, adding a scalp massage to your haircare regime makes sense…and is free. All it takes is five to ten minutes twice a week to make a difference. Here’s how.

  • Starting at the front of the scalp and working towards the base of your skull, massage with the fleshy pads of your fingers. Work in gentle, circular motions to apply pressure to the scalp.
  • Every couple of minutes, change the pressure you’re applying and the direction of the circular motion.
  • If you have a sensitive or oily scalp, use less pressure for a shorter period and rinse with cool water. The drier your scalp, the longer the massage and the firmer the pressure as it will help lift away flaky skin and stimulate the production of the scalp’s own oils that you tend to be short of.

All scalps and manes will benefit from the increase in circulation – it will help your lymphatic system (the body’s rubbish disposal) flush toxins away from the scalp and support the activity of the follicles to create the best environment for new hair growth.

So now you know. Healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Trust us, a little extra scalp love will be reflected from root to tip.

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