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97% Natural. Our Commitment.


Being kind to your hair and our planet is the commitment that drives us here at Noughty. Quite simply, our ethos requires every Noughty formulation to be a minimum of 97% natural. For us, natural means existing in or derived from nature. Which means at least 97% comes from plants and minerals, not animals. 

At Noughty, we work hard to achieve that 97%. It means everything to us. Why?  

GREAT PERFORMANCE – 97% is the number that allows us to achieve the maximum benefits of natural and performance haircare at an affordable price.

GOOD GLOBAL BUSINESS - Natural ingredients benefit a whole supply chain, the community involved in its growth, harvest and processing. We believe that 97% allows us to make a difference through our commitment to communities growing natural ingredients.

PROVEN EFFICACY - Plants have delivered great results with millennia of use and proven efficacy. If that’s not a recommendation for 97%, what is?

INNOVATION AND SCIENCE - The more of us who use natural products, the more research and development money goes into developing high performance actives. 97% means more innovative and effective haircare for you.

SAFETY – 97% enables us to produce safe, and stable products with great fragrances, that meet the strict regulations and high standards of the British beauty industry. Whether natural or synthetic, our choice is always to be safe for your skin and scalp.

SUSTAINABLE – While natural is important to us, it has to be sustainable. Sometimes ingredients occur at such low levels in nature that it would be irresponsible, unkind and hugely wasteful to use the natural. 97% gives us the flexibility to know when and where synthetic or natural is the sustainable choice.

CHOICE – In the end, choosing natural and the balance that is right for you comes down to personal choice. Noughty’s 97% reflects all the work, science and thought that goes into our commitment to you.

97% natural. Our commitment.

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