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Conquer the Co-Wash Noughty

Conquer the Co-Wash

At Noughty, we’re all about great products that deliver fabulous hair every day. 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is the latest tool in your arsenal to battle the bad hair days. Co-wash isn’t about showering with a friend to conserve water. It’s the portmanteau (hybrid word) for conditioner-washing, the technique of washing your hair with a cleansing conditioner rather than a shampoo.

So how does this work? A co-wash contains more conditioning ingredients and less surfactant than a conventional shampoo. In the case of a natural co-wash like Noughty’s, this means more potent plant oils and moisturising natural source glycerine combined with gentle cleansing from coco-glucoside (made from coconuts and glucose...just like it sounds). It’s proof positive that bubbles don’t equal cleaning: co-washes don’t foam. They do cleanse effectively.

1 Hit Wonder takes advantage of the basic science that oil and water don’t mix, but oil and oil do. The plant oils in the co-wash blend with the natural oils produced by your scalp, collecting up the grime and residues your hair picks up in the course of daily life. The careful balance of actives in 1 Hit Wonder ensures that any excess oils and impurities are washed away, leaving nourished, clean hair in its wake.

As you’d expect from a formulation rich in moisturising and conditioning ingredients, tangles are banished and overworked hair is nurtured. However what you might not expect are the benefits for your scalp, where good hair gets it’s start. Natural co-washes like Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder  are designed to be worked into the scalp as well as the hair. Scalp is just skin with more hair, and we know our skin needs moisture to work to its optimum. So it should come as no surprise that using a co-wash rich in humectant glycerine and moisturising plant oils can help to transform dry and itchy scalps.

To get the most out of co-washing, it’s important to introduce it gradually and tweak how often you integrate it into your routine. Keep an eye out. In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more, on how to make co-washes like 1 Hit Wonder  work most effectively for your hair and lifestyle.

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