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Noughty's brand new performance bodycare that's skincare for your body

Meet Bodycare

Introducing Noughty’s new line of performance bodycare! Yep, that’s right. We’ve ventured a little further south from your hair and expanded into the world of natural skincare for the body.

Since launch, Noughty has focussed on addressing, confronting and spreading the word on the connection between natural haircare, healthy hair and a healthy scalp. By offering performance-led solutions for all hair types and concerns at value for money prices.

So why bodycare?

In response to the wider requests, needs and concerns of this community, we’re now introducing our 97% natural, performance bodycare range, created to address, confront and improve the condition and health of the skin on our bodies, in exactly the same way as we address the needs of hair.

With three ranges dedicated to an array of skin concerns at a pocket friendly price, the mission is to encourage our community to recognise and understand the importance of treating the skin on the body with the same ingredients, time and care as we treat the skin on our faces.

So onto the ranges. Drumroll please…

Meet the Booster range

A stimulating trio designed to give dull or challenged skin a boost and get the blood pumping. This range is packed with pick-me-up ingredients like Indian coleus, giant kelp and caffeine (make mine a flat white) all carefully curated to leave skin feeling youthful, tighter and healthy.  For Tik Tok strutting that oozes catwalk confidence.

Meet the Soother range

A dermatologically tested duo for sensitive skin that’s not only fragrance free, but soothing and rejuvenating for those in need of a little extra TLC.  There is after all, little worse than the discomfort caused by irritated skin from patches of redness to an eternal itch. That’s why we’ve chosen ingredients like oat oil, arnica and rice milk to help support sensitive, easily irritated skin and give you a breather.

Meet the Hero range

Good habits are critical for healthy, hydrated skin. When skin is dehydrated it is more easily irritated, ages faster and breaks out more with a more uneven texture and tone.  By keeping yourself and your skin hydrated, the skins barrier function is strengthened and repaired. The Hero range has been created to help you improve your bodycare and lifestyle habits in times of need, and is specifically formulated with hyaluronic acid, to improve hydration when your skin is feeling parched. The Body Yoghurt is loaded with nourishing ingredients that keep skin hydrated for 48 hours!

Hope you enjoy the ranges!

Love, Noughty x

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