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5 Tips To Reduce Frizz Noughty

5 Tips To Reduce Frizz

1. Wash wisely

Avoiding harsh ingredients like sulphates is the best way to start your routine for a frizz-free mane. Sulphates, usually added to shampoos to power the bubble, can actually be quite harmful to hair as they are known to strip natural oils and cause dryness. Shampoos such as Frizz Magic are sulphate free for a gentle cleanse that keeps hair hydrated.

2. Add some moisture  

Better yet, add a lot! Dry hair is always more prone to frizz. Adding a hydrating hair mask to your weekly routine will do wonders for adding moisture and reducing breakage and frizz. The Noughty experts always recommend masking before conditioning so the treatment can really penetrate clean strands.  

3. Don’t skip conditioner

Follow up your treatment mask with lots of conditioner to seal in the moisture and get extra frizz resistance. Powerful actives such as marula oil and daikon radish extract in the Noughty frizz range help to coat hair and trap moisture inside the strands. Cue, less volume!

4. Ditch the bath towel

Regular towels aren’t so good for your hair. Rough fibres can cause friction which can lead to frizz. Try ditching the bath towel and using an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel instead to gently dry hair. You'll also get the added benefit of your hair drying faster.

5. Less heat

And more heat protection. Frizz Magic works in air dried hair so you can give the heat tools a rest on those chill days. When you do fancy a blowout, straightening or curling, the serum contains natural actives for powerful heat protection up to 220 degrees. 

Following a few of these tips can really help to reduce your hairs' response to humidity and keep frizz at bay. For a frizz focused solution, check out the Frizz Magic range, specially formulated to leave hair of all textures sleek and shiny. 



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