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Noughty Nation Stories: Embracing Natural Hair Care: My Noughty Journey to Luscious Curls

Noughty Nation Stories: Embracing Natural Hair Care: My Noughty Journey to Luscious Curls

Noughty Nation Customer: Rhea

From an early age, my hair was remarkably straight, and my hair care routine was practically non-existent. However, when I reached the age of 13, my awareness of personal appearance grew, and my hair became a significant focus. I began to notice a transformation in my hair's texture, as it shifted from sleek and straight to beautifully wavy. As my hair evolved, so did the challenges of managing it, leading my mother and me to explore different methods of styling my newly acquired curly hair.

Like many I experimented with hair dye, only to discover that my once well-defined curls were now plagued by damage and frustrating frizz. This is where Noughty stepped in to save the day!

My introduction to Noughty occurred when I noticed a surge in natural ingredient-based products designed for curly hair. Intrigued by this trend, I decided to take their online quiz and embarked on a journey with Noughty's "Wave Hello" shampoo and conditioner. The results? Absolutely astounding!

As I reverted to the basics of hair care, I began to explore Noughty's array of styling products. Among them, I stumbled upon the Taming Cream – a product my hairdresser initially dismissed as unsuitable for my hair type. To my sheer delight, it revolutionized my hair, as evident in my recent photo. I've also found that layering products, including a touch of scrunching jelly, works wonders in enhancing my curl pattern.

This experience served as a compelling reminder that when it comes to your hair, you are the foremost authority. Now, I can't imagine my hair care routine without these incredible Noughty products. Here's to the ongoing adventure of my Noughty Journey, with great anticipation for trying the 3-in-1 Curl Butter next!

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