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GET SET, GROW! Because All Hair Deserves 1st Place Treatment

Health and our hair: two topics that are more connected than you might think!

The recent pandemic has been difficult for so many of us. Stressful situations may result in hair loss and thinning- even at Noughty HQ team members have noticed this impact. Losing hair can be hard to talk about, and at Noughty, we wanted a range that could do the talking all on its own.

Introducing, Get Set, Grow! The Get Set, Grow range is grounded in the concern of hair thinning. It is important to note that not all hair loss is the same and whilst we wish we could sprinkle a little Noughty love on every head of hair, much depends on the root cause of the hair loss. Get Set, Grow offers results through optimising the environment in which you hair grows.


Noughty’s 3-Step Haircare Regime

The best advice when using Get Set, Grow is a commitment and routine - hair growth is not a sprint but a marathon! By using this regime regularly over a prolonged period of time (we recommend 12 weeks), you will optimise the results.

All three podium performing products contain Noughty’s own Pea Complex, a potent blend of garden pea sprouts, green robusta coffee beans and piroctone olamine. Hyaluronic acid adds a dose of hydration.

Robusta Coffee Extract | Time to wake up your scalp! Green robusta coffee beans like the ones we use in our extract contain almost twice as much skin stimulating caffeine as equivalent arabica beans, bringing a boost to our Pea Complex.

Garden Pea Extract | The power of the pea! Organic garden pea extract has been shown to restore the hair’s vitality, helping to stimulate growth at the root and prolong the life cycle of the hair.

Piroctone Olamine | A scalp health hero! Piroctone olamine is the gold standard ingredient for maintaining a healthy scalp balance, contributing to the creation of an optimal environment for hair growth.

Hyaluronic Acid | The ingredient we all know and love! This super-hydrating acid known as a fan favourite amongst skincare lovers also has great benefits within haircare. Giving optimised moisture levels to both scalp and hair. A true all rounder!


Get Set, Grow Thickening Shampoo

Because we know it’s hard to wait for the thickening that comes with growth, the Get Set, Grow Shampoo is formulated to leave hair feeling thicker from the first wash. This shampoo lifts away excess sebum, removes residual product, dead scalp cells and dirt- all while gently cleansing. As clogged hair follicles do not lead to healthy hair, cleansing is critical to creating the right conditions on the surface of the scalp to encourage hair growth. Hair is left looking and feeling smooth, healthy and noticeably fuller.

Get Set, Grow Thickening Shampoo

To learn more about this thickening shampoo, please visit the Noughty website: https://lovenoughty.co.uk/products/get-set-grow-thickening-shampoo


Get Set, Grow Thickening Conditioner

The Get Set, Grow Conditioner’s hydrating formulation supports the thickening activity of Get Set, Grow Shampoo and Tonic for soft, shiny, fuller looking locks. When applied to the mid-lengths and ends, this nourishing formula actively lock moisture in, improving combability on both wet and dry hair for fewer tangles and less tugging to maintain the condition of each and every precious strand.

Get Set, Grow Conditioner

To learn more about this nourishing conditioner, please visit the Noughty website: https://lovenoughty.co.uk/products/get-set-grow-thickening-conditioner


Get Set, Grow Growth Tonic

Finally we have saved the best till last! The Get Set, Grow Tonic is the ultimate beauty solution. This targeted leave on treatment helps to support and optimise healthy hair growth by prolonging the hair follicle’s active growth phase and extending the hair life cycle to leave hair looking fuller and thicker. To see the best results, this tonic should be used daily as a leave on treatment . We recommend 3 months of daily use to see the initial results of the Get Set, Grow routine. Slow and steady wins the race!

Get Set, Grow Tonic

To learn more about this Hair Growth hero, please visit the Noughty website: https://lovenoughty.co.uk/products/get-set-grow-growth-tonic.

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