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  • Lovely, Lovely Coconuts! Noughty

    Lovely, Lovely Coconuts!

     Coconut oil is a head-to-toe ingredient that needs a round of applause! More and more people are experiencing the benefits of coconut oil on hair and skin and Noughty is...

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  • natural vegan cruelty free oil free shampoo and conditioner

    Oily Hair - Why you have it and how to help

    At Noughty, we believe the only way to conquer a hair challenge is to understand it. Limp, oily or greasy hair is no exception, and there are two factors at...

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  • Why We Don't Ever Use Silicones In Our Products - Noughty

    Why We Don't Ever Use Silicones In Our Products

    Silicones: they’re the shiny, glassy, glossy polymers of the haircare world. Sound pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately they’re more cloud than silver lining. WHAT IS SILICONE? Silicones are a huge family...

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  • Transitioning To Natural Haircare

    When you’re making the transition to natural haircare products from conventional haircare, essentially, you're asking your hair to go through a detox process. If you’ve ever tried a detox yourself, whether it...

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  • Hello Curls - Define & Reshape Curl Primer

    Whether your mane is straight, 2, 3 or 4, A, B or C, everyone needs a bit of hair TLC. Weight (of your curl, of course), the weather and even...

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  • vegan cruelty free natural haircare

    Alcohols and why we use them.

    At Noughty, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive brand, committed to offering exceptional performance at an accessible price. We choose to be transparent and informative about the strong values...

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  • Using plant extracts in natural haircare Noughty

    Using plant extracts in natural haircare

    Plant extracts are one of the best tools in the natural formulator’s arsenal. Some of the most potent activity a plant possesses is suspended in its cell walls. When we...

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  • Lifting the Lid: Haircare Myths Decoded- Silicones

    Silicones; they’re the shiny, glassy, glossy polymers of the haircare world. Sound pretty damn amazing then, right? Well despite offering that undeniable (bordering on addictive) swishability factor, they can be...

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  • Understanding Your Curls

    When it comes to tackling curls, knowledge is power. The climate, your shampoo and even your hairdresser are often blamed for a bad curl day, but the truth is that...

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  • The Down-Low on Build-Up

    Build-up. It’s probably a word that you’ve heard a lot about. There’s a rising trend for ‘detoxing your hair’, but why do you need to do it and what exactly...

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  • Hair Myths Decoded Noughty

    Hair Myths Decoded

    Busting those haircare hacks We’ve all heard a so called ‘hair hack’, whether it’s our grandmother’s advice on regular brushing, a school friend passing on a rumour, or wisdom overheard in...

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  • sulphate free paraben free shampoo and conditioner

    Haircare Myths: Bursting the Bubble.

    At Noughty we’re committed to telling the truth, suds and all, so we love to do a little myth busting. Let’s talk bubbles. Bubbles are beautiful, but somewhere along the...

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