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What does Sustainability mean to Noughty?

From day one, we believed great hair should never come at the price of people, planet, or paws.

Our mission is to create products that bring joy and confidence, using the science of 97% natural, plant power for hair and scalp health. We do this whilst embodying our unwavering commitment to honest sustainability practices.

We firmly believe that sustainability is and should always be, a dynamic journey and not a static goal. Sustainability to Noughty means how we create, produce, and consume, consciously considering our impact on society, the environment, and animals through a comprehensive, evolving measured approach.


97% natural enables us to produce safe, stable, well-preserved, and fragrant products that meet the strict regulations and high standards of the British beauty industry. Whether natural or synthetic, our choice is always to be safe for your skin and scalp. It’s also a matter of sustainability. Some ingredients occur at such low levels in nature that it would be unsustainable and hugely wasteful to use the natural.

We are proudly Leaping Bunny approved, the globally recognised gold standard in cruelty free, we are registered by The Vegan Society, giving confidence that we are free from any animal ingredients.

Plastic neutral

Noughty became Plastic Neutral in March 2021, through our partnership with CleanHub who identify the world’s worst problem areas for ocean-bound plastic pollution – such as the coastal areas of Indonesia. Every Noughty product bought supports recovering ocean-bound plastic by working with local partners to collect waste before it reaches the ocean. CleanHub support improved dignity and living standards for people, especially the lowest paid. They are committed to social justice alongside environmental protection.


In May 2023, Noughty became B Corp certified.

B Corp Certification means that a company has been verified as meeting B Lab’s high standards for social and environmental impact. The B Corp Community includes 5,000 businesses in 84 countries and covering 157 industries. Noughty is one of only 50 haircare brands globally to become B Corp certified.​ B Corp certification does not mean that a company is perfect, nor that it has achieved its highest impact. It does show that it is part of a global community of business working collectively for economic systems change, and that it must meet rising standards for social and environmental performance.


From June 2023, Noughty packaging became 100% recyclable through our partnership with First Mile meaning the mixed material pumps from our bottles can now be returned via freepost to be separated and recycled appropriately.

This is certainly not the end of our sustainability journey. We are passionate to keep improving.

At Noughty it’s all about keeping the vibes high and constantly levelling up - let’s go!