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We believe beauty shouldn’t come at the price of the planet. We are committed to creating products that bring you joy and confidence as well as exemplifying our values in responsible, ethical sourcing and sustainability.

So, enough talking, what are we doing about it?


Making improvements

Sustainable packaging. A topic that simply can’t (and should never) be ignored. It’s a key part of our evolving journey for continual progression towards a more sustainable future.

From late 2020, we proudly switched production of our tubes, bottles and jars to part bio-plastic sugarcane, part PCR plastic (that’s Post Consumer Recycled aka recycled).

WHY sugarcane?

The wonderful thing about bio-plastic sugarcane is that the harvesting and regrowth of it actually removes CO2 from the air. In fact, every kilogram produced results in 3.09kg of CO2 being removed from the environment. The production process is also renewable and, ethically employs local farmers in Brazil further aligning with our values to support local farming communities with our ingredients sourcing.

And, we won’t stop here. We’re continually working with our valued suppliers to find even better materials and solutions without impacting your Noughty experience.

PLAStic neutral

Our Commitment

It goes without saying, plastic pollution is a global problem that affects us all so a commitment to change is top of the Noughty to-do list. From March 2021, we began working with eco-heroes, Cleanhub to get us well on our way to our sustainability pledge to becoming plastic neutral.

Cleanhub is dedicated to keeping oceans plastic-free and by partnering up, Noughty commits to helping protect our oceans with every product you buy.

For every product we produce, we will be removing the plastic equivalent from the ocean.

why cleanhub?

Cleanhub focus on the most critical regions where the highest possible impact on preventing marine plastic pollution can be realised. South (East) Asia is the gateway for more than 80% of all plastic that enters our oceans.

With Noughty’s contribution, we can reduce the mismanagement of plastic waste in these regions to eventually stop this environmental crisis.

sustainable sourcing

It matters

We are committed to supporting, respecting and preserving natural resources wherever possible, within the constraints of our brand. Our goal is to foster a community for continual progression towards a better and more sustainable future. This feeds in to our sourcing, where the promise is to always deliver product performance at an affordable price, using ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably sourced from ethical farms.


Your Noughty packaging

Our packaging is completely recyclable (please rinse and remove caps first!). Place in your kerbside collection or council recycling facility. The only exception currently is the pumps in the 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash which still need to be disposed of in household waste.

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