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We’re B Corp Certified!

“We did it! Noughty is now B Corp certified. This significant milestone reflects our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.​ We're thrilled to be part of a community of like-minded businesses that are committed to using their power to create a better world and business as a force for good”.

Rachel Parsonage, Co-Founder of Noughty.


B Corp Certification means that a company has been verified as meeting B Lab’s high standards for social and environmental impact. The B Corp Community includes 5,000 businesses in 84 countries and covering 157 industries. Noughty is now one of only 50 haircare brands globally to become B Corp certified.​

​At Noughty HQ, our B Corp journey took over 22 months. It meant we scrutinised every aspect of our business using the impact areas of Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. There is no hiding through the rigorous process and with transparency being part of our DNA we relished the challenge!​

B Corp Certification does not mean that a company is perfect, nor that it has achieved its highest impact. It does show that it is part of a global community of business working collectively for economic systems change, and that in order to stay committed to this work it must meet rising standards for social and environmental performance.

In order to maintain certification, Noughty will undertake the assessment and verification process every threeyears, demonstrating we are still meeting B Lab’s standards —  which are themselves always improving. 

How did we do it? Here are just a few examples:

Community Volunteering

Our Noughty team can take 3 days a year to volunteer and have a positive impact in their communities in whichever way they choose. We also partner with On Hand, an inspiring business for corporate volunteering and sustainability action.


We are in long term partnerships with two inspiring businesses, CleanHub and Cruelty Free International, who are driving significant change in the beauty industry and beyond. We’re proud to be leaping bunny approved and plastic neutral through these partnerships.


We believe beauty shouldn’t come at the price of the planet, people or paws. We create Noughty products with an aim to bring joy and confidence, we always prioritise our transparent values in responsible, ethical sourcing and sustainability and supporting causes we and our Noughty Nation care deeply about.


People are at the heart of our business. We treat all parties who work with us and services we engage in equally and without discrimination based on factors including, but not limited to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We follow Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Benchmarks (GDEIB) standards.


By choosing to be part of Noughty, you are supporting the global B Corp movement to show support for businesses that prioritise social and environmental responsibility over solely maximising profits.


B Corp certification requires a B Impact Assessment (BIA) score of 80+ points. It’s rare to achieve this first time and most businesses will spend time improving their score. ​

We’re delighted to have achieved 80.2 points with our first assessment and have already started to looking at how we improve. At Noughty it’s all about keeping the vibes high and constantly levelling up - let’s go!


Buying Noughty means you’re in great company. We’ve joined the growing community of B Corps, across 157 industries including Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, TOMS and Innocent. Find out more about the movement and what you can do to get involved. B Lab Global Site (bcorporation.net)

“Our journey of improvement will always be continuous, and we are so grateful to everybody who contributes daily and with such huge passion to our positive impact goals.” – Lorna Mitchell, Co-Founder of Noughty.​"

Lorna Mitchell, Co-Founder of Noughty.