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Shipping and Delivery

What is Standard Delivery?

Free Standard Delivery and Standard Delivery are both shipped 2nd Class through Royal Mail. Due to the increase in online orders and the effects of Covid-19, Royal Mail deliveries are being slightly delayed.

For a tracked, premium service, select 24 or 48 hour express delivery options at checkout and order before 2pm for next working day / next two working days respectively.

Email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com for all order enquiries.

Does Noughty ship to my country?

Noughty's website ships to the UK and US as standard, with options on our UK site for EU and international shipping at a premium price.

Visit Noughty's Stockist page for your closest store.

Where can I buy Noughty in store?

Not an online shopper? If you prefer to shop in person, Noughty's got you covered!

We're lucky to be listed in stores such as CVS, Ulta, Shoppers Drug Mart (CA), Boots, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. Visit our Stockist page for the closest store near you!

For wholesale or business enquires, please email the commercial team at Hello@lovenoughty.com with information about your company for reference.

Where is my order?

Free Standard Delivery and Standard Delivery orders should take up to 5 working days. However due to covid-19 and an increase in online orders, we politely ask you to wait up to two weeks for your delivery using these methods; we're doing our best to get your order out to you as soon as possible.

For express delivery, please order before 2pm and select 24 or 48 hour options at checkout. This premium service and is fully tracked.

Email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com for all order enquiries.

Why have I not received any text / email updates on my order?

Please email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com with your order number, email address and phone number so we can check your details against our system.

Sometimes Noughty emails can find themselves in junk folders, so we’d recommend checking in there just to be sure.

Will I get my order on the weekend?

Standard Delivery takes 3-5 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays. If you have selected express shipping, you may receive your goodies on a Saturday however it is likely that they will arrive the next working day / next two working days from your order date, if ordered before 2pm.

Refunds and Exchanges

What do I do if I've received the wrong products?

We’re very sorry to hear this, we'll work hard to resolve this for you. Please can you email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com
and let us know:

- your order number

- incorrect products sent

We will use this information to investigate this with our warehouse team.

What do I do if I have missing products in my order?

Having depended on plastic for so long, the world is still coming up with new ways to package, wrap and transport products.

Noughty strives to balance product performance with experience and innovation, making the most sustainable and judicious choices for our customers pocket and planet. Our products have always been recyclable* using PE and PP plastic. However this process of plastic production releases CO2 into the environment.

Noughty will continue to work with our valued suppliers in seeking other viable materials and solutions but being 100 percent plastic-free is not an option just yet.

We’re very sorry to hear this, we'll work hard to resolve this for you. Please can you email the team at Hello@lovenoughty.com
and let us know:

- your order number

- missing products

We will use this information to investigate this with our warehouse team.

Can I amend my order once it's been approved?

Unfortunately we cannot amend orders once they have been placed and confirmed.

We aim to ship out your Noughty order from the warehouse as soon as possible so your order may be on it's way before the system refreshes.

It's always worth emailing the team at hello@lovenoughty.com with how you would like to amend your order as soon as possible, on the rare occasion we are able to change the order.

Can you send my package to a different address after I've ordered?

In general, we are unable to make any changes to orders once they have been confirmed on our system.

However, if you try emailing the team at hello@lovenoughty.com, we may be able to help you if your order is not already on it's way.

Can I cancel my order after it's been dispatched?

Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel your order once it has been confirmed.

We would advise that once you have received your parcel that it will need to be returned following the steps under 'How do I get a refund'.

If you email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com with proof of return, we will process a full refund when we receive the returned products.

If you would like to talk to us about your return or refund please contact the Noughty team Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm UK-Time:

+44 208 614 4833


How do I get a refund?

You can get a full refund on all unused Noughty products with our 30 day guarantee.

Once an order has been placed, unfortunately we are unable to amend the order.

This includes:

- Changing addresses

- Amending the product selection in the order

Return your item in its original condition including:

- Your Name

- Your Address

- Order Number

- Reason for Return

Please send to :
Noughty Haircare, Lemonpath,

Unit 2B Wanlip Road,



LE7 1PD.

Please ensure the products are wrapped securely and we recommend you use recorded delivery as we cannot accept liability for good lost in transit.

If you have time, could you please let Noughty know what went wrong? Any feedback is good feedback and we will take it into consideration - being a small business, every order is important to us.


Why is Noughty 97% natural?

Our promise to you, your hair, and the planet. At Noughty, formulating to 97:3 is a conscious choice which enables us to prioritise natural performance as well as hygiene and safety.  A minimum of 97% natural formulations means the remaining 3% synthetic is used for our preservative system, to stop the product from going off after opening, emulsifying agents to stop ingredients from separating and some lovely fragrances to leave your hair smelling delicious. 

WE FORMULATE WITHOUT parabens, silicones, primary petrochemicals and sulphates.

Why? Because wherever possible, we choose to reduce our toxic load and instead use natural alternatives. Simple.

Are all Noughty products Cruelty-free?

We’re BIG animal lovers at Noughty, so we don’t test on animals or use animal or animal-derived ingredients like lanolin, honey, beeswax, silk proteins, milk or keratin in any of our products. Which makes them not only vegan, but vegetarian-friendly, too. But we know that’s easy to claim. That’s why we chose to work with only the best certification programs, like Leaping Bunny from Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society.

All Noughty products are certified Vegan by The Vegan Society and Vegetarian by The Vegetarian Society. All Noughty products are also Cruelty Free, as certified by Leaping Bunny Cruelty Free International and PETA. We’re incredibly proud to be able to say that Noughty was the first natural haircare range to be awarded leaping bunny certification by cruelty free international.

What product is best for my hair or skin type?

Meet your match - our new hair and skin quiz’s help you to build personalised regimes, best suited to the needs of your skin or hair.

For a personalised consultation, email the team at hello@lovenoughty.com with any key skin or hair concerns and specific information on what you're looking for in a Noughty product.

Do you offer samples of your products?

I'm new to natural hair care and my hair feels dry, tangled, matted, sticky or heavy after using Noughty for the first time. Am I doing something wrong?

When transitioning to natural or silicone-free haircare, hair may need a little time to detox. Conventional ingredients leave residues that can coat the hair. This build up can weigh the hair down and leave it dull over time.

Therefore, it can take a few washes to remove this product build up. During this transition, hair can feel worse before it feels better. Hair can feel dry, tangled, matted, sticky or heavy, as detoxing asks the hair to let go of all the residual materials it’s been holding onto. Should you persevere for at least 8 washes, you hair should start to benefit from all o four amazing natural ingredients and the natural balance of oils will be restored. Alternatively, you may be using a product that’s not quite suited to you, so it's worth taking our new hair quiz to discover your personalised haircare regime or emailing the team at hello@lovenoughty.com for further advice.

What do I do if I have an allergic reaction?

We are very sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with our products. If you have had an allergic reaction, please stop using the product with immediate effect.


We would always recommend people with sensitive skin, skin conditions or allergies take a cautious approach when introducing new products. This includes introducing one new product at a time and carrying out a patch test on your wrist or behind your ear prior to using any of product for the first time.


To help us to understand a little more about your reaction could you please email hello@lovenoughty.com with the following information:


- What particular product was used?


- Were any other products used alongside the product in question (Noughty/other brand)?


- How long were the products has used for?


- What type of allergic reaction has occurred?


- Where on the face/body the reaction has occurred?


For extra reassurance, the products in the Noughty ranges are specifically formulated to be extremely gentle, leaving out possible irritants such as sulphates and parabens.

Unfortunately, we do not offer samples however we do have travel sizes available to purchase.

Why does the Hero Body Yoghurt take longer to sink in than my normal body lotion/moisturiser?

The HBY is enriched with hyaluronic acid, a humectant your body produces naturally to keep your tissues hydrated. It forms a slight film over the surface of your skin, which works to enhance and support the skin’s natural barrier system. Hyaluronic acid is perfect for dehydrated skin because it grabs moisture from the environment and traps it where it’s needed most so although this film may take slightly longer to sink in, the reward is more supple, smoother, hydrated, healthy-looking skin.

Applying HBY in thin layers, allowing time between layers, will maximise results.

Why doesn’t The Hero Cream Body Wash foam like my normal body wash?

HCBW is formulated with a low level of surfactant and plenty of plant oils; the right recipe to form gently cleansing micelles that lift excess oil, sweat and grime from the skin and rinse it away. No bubbles needed. The benefit? Your skin is cleansed without stripping it of moisture.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Noughty’s packaging is completely recyclable. The exception is those products with pumps and unfortunately they still need to be disposed of in household waste. We also recommend that customers separate the lid or cap from the packaging as they will be different packaging materials (sugarcane or PP). This separation helps the recycling plant to better sort and re-use the plastic.

Is your packaging sustainable?

Sustainable packaging. A topic that simply can’t (and should never) be ignored. It’s a key part of our evolving journey for continual progression towards a more sustainable future.

From late 2020, we proudly switched production of our tubes, bottles and jars to part bio-plastic sugarcane, part PCR plastic (that’s Post Consumer Recycled aka recycled).

You can read more about our sustainability journey here: https://lovenoughty.co.uk/pages/sustainability

Is Noughty plastic free?

Here at Noughty we use derivatives of palm oil in the production of some of our products as this gives the best results for hair. Sustainability is really important to us so we purchase all our palm oil and palm kernel oils from members of the round table of sustainable palm oil(RSPO).

At Noughty, we consciously consider all our choices, and always make our decisions based on extensive evidence provided by experts, ensuring it encompasses all sides to this very complex issue, as well as the alternative options available. Where we believe the current choices aren’t good enough, we actively work towards improving them . This takes time and effort but we passionately believe in the importance of doing so.

In regards truly sustainable alternatives to Palm Oil, the choice sadly remains very limited. In planet terms, Palm oil is between 4 and10 times more efficient per acre at producing oil than any other vegetal oil, so to replace it with other alternatives like vegetable oil, used across multiple industries globally, would take up 4 to 10 times more landmass. This leads to many, equally devastating consequences such as land clearing, or putting land into oil production instead of crop growth. In people terms, Palm oil production plays an important role in reducing poverty anywhere it’s grown. In Indonesia and Malaysia for example, the industry employs 4.5 million people alone.

When it comes to the use of Palm Oil itself, having considered all the options, we support the approach taken by the World Wildlife Fund, who for nearly two decades as a champion of endangered animals, has waged war on unsustainable palm from the heart of the organisation by helping to setup the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Through a deep and extensive understanding of the problem in its entirety, the RSPO created a way to certify palm oil as sustainable when it is grown in a system that meets a series of important criteria, created from a set of deep rooted and highly considered principles. These principles are in place to protect the environment and the people. Among other things, the criteria stipulate against the clearance of primary forests, areas with concentrations of biodiversity (endangered species) or fragile ecosystems, as well as areas that are fundamental to the basic or traditional cultural needs of local communities. They stipulate the fair treatment of workers by local and international labour rights standards, significantly reduce use of pesticides and fires, and outline a consultation process with local communities before the commencement of any development. Only when grown, harvested and processed in this way will the RSPO certify the palm oil as sustainable.


Our biggest message when it comes to Palm Oil, is that we don’t believe banning it outright, is therefore the solution. In the 15 years since their establishment, the RSPO has acquired 4000 members from 92countries. Today 19% of the world’s palm oil is sustainably sourced. At Noughty, we insist that any Palm Oil we use, is sourced through an RSPO certified supply chain. When the principles of RSPO are properly applied, negative consequences associated with the use of Palm Oil, are minimised. We believe that is currently the best choice. However, this is not, and never will be enough. That’s why we continue to actively work in the background to educate around this issue, evolve the alternatives and champion a choice that can facilitate change through deep consideration and wide adoption. We really hope that you understand our choice and also choose to support it.


Since 2004, RSPO has been transforming the palm oil industry in collaboration with the global supply chain, to put it on a sustainable path.

How do you reduce your plastic emissions?

Cleanhub collects and repurposes plastic before it enters the ocean, thus offering a solution to neutralise plastic emissions and get one step closer towards plastic-free oceans. Noughty will calculate our plastic emissions and pay for the equivalent to be collected.

Is sustainability considered in your choice of ingredients?

We are committed to supporting, respecting and preserving natural resources wherever possible, within the constraints of our brand. Our goal is to foster a community for continual progression towards a better and more sustainable future. This feeds in to our sourcing, where the promise is to always deliver product performance at an affordable price, using ingredients that are responsibly and sustainably sourced from ethical farms.

Does your palm oil come from a sustainable source?

Noughty strives to balance product performance with experience and innovation, making the most sustainable and judicious choices for our customers pocket and planet. Our products have always been recyclable* using PE and PP plastic. However this process of plastic production releases CO2 into the environment.

Noughty will continue to work with our valued suppliers in seeking other viable materials and solutions but being 100 percent plastic-free is not an option just yet.

Who is Cleanhub?

Cleanhub is a company dedicated to free the planet from plastic pollution, while offering solutions for brands to have verifiable environmental impact. Cleanhub works in global partnerships to recover plastic waste from the natural environment, while its traceability technology keeps account of the person, quantity, quality and location of all activities.

Where does the plastic get collected from with Cleanhub?

Plastic pollution is a global problem that affects us all. Cleanhub focus on the most critical regions where we can have the highest possible impact on preventing marine plastic pollution. South (East) Asia is the gateway for more than 80% of all plastic that enters our oceans. With Noughty’s contribution we can reduce the mismanagement of plastic waste in these regions to eventually stop this environmental crisis.

Is all packaging now Sugarcane?

From late 2020, we proudly switched production of our tubes, bottles and jars to part bio-plastic sugarcane, part PCR plastic (that’s Post Consumer Recycled aka recycled). This is happening as a phased approach.

Which plastic is recovered from the environment?

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year through polluted coastal regions. 75% of all plastic produced is waste, can not be reused for new products and is therefore left behind in the environment. To maximize our impact, Cleanhub focus on the recovery of this low-value material.

This gives plastic waste value and empowers local communities to set up collection businesses. From door-to-door collection by women self-help groups to surf camps who clean up their beaches - these collection partners contribute to the shared goal of clean oceans and no plastic pollution. With the help of a digital platform, collectors access a network of treatment- and recycling companies. This way, instead of wasting away in landfills or polluting the ocean, plastic waste gets recycled or used as an energy source while local communities are empowered.

What are you doing to offset carbon emissions?

The harvesting and then regrowth of the sugarcane we use for our packaging works to remove CO2. Every kilogram of the green sugarcane plastic produced results in 3.09kg of CO2 removed from the air. The process is renewable and employs local farmers in Brazil.

What does Plastic Neutral and Plastic Positive mean?

Plastic neutrality means, companies calculate their plastic emissions and we recover the equivalent from the environment in polluted countries, such as Indonesia or India. Plastic positive means Cleanhub recover more plastic than the companies emit. Every contribution directly prevents plastic from entering our oceans and supports the development of local waste management infrastructure.

Where is your Irish Moss sourced?

Our Irish Moss comes from either Ireland, Canada or France and is Vegan.


How do I contact the PR team?

Email PR@Lovenoughty.com with your:

-Instagram Handle

-YouTube Handle

-TikTok Handle

- Any blogs or other things to be proud of

As a small brand, our PR team are very busy and will get back to you as soon as possible. We recommend waiting up to 14 days for a response before chasing.

Do you do wholesale partnerships?

How do you select your brand ambassadors?

We are a growing brand that strives for diversity and inclusivity in all that we do.

All brand ambassadors must have tried, and loved, Noughty and relate to our core brand values.

As a small brand, we have to be selective with who we work with so unfortunately we may not be able to gift as many products as we would like to.

If you would like to become a brand ambassador, please email us at PR@lovenoughty.com with your:

-Instagram Handle

-YouTube Handle

-TikTok Handle

- Any blogs or other things to be proud of

As a small brand, our PR team are very busy and will get back to you as soon as possible. We recommend waiting up to 14 days for a response before chasing.

Alternatively, if you think of any content creators you would love us to work with, we'd also really appreciate being told!

What do I do if I've had a reaction to Noughty products?

Not an online shopper? We've got you covered! Noughty is widely stocked internationally so it's likely you can find us in a store near you.

Please visit our Stockist page to find Noughty goodies closest to you!

We work with a range of wholesale partners; from boutiques and salons to online retailers and brick and mortar.

If you would like to stock Noughty products, our commercial team would love to hear from you at Hello@lovenoughty.com

Contact us

Got a burning question, some feedback (we're always open to it) or just fancy a heart to heart? Our lines are open! Share what's on your mind by emailing us at hello@lovenoughty.com.

Alternatively, give us a call, we still believe in the value of a good old chat +44 208 614 4833.

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