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  • scalp soothing shampoo and conditioner for relief from a dry or itchy scalp

    Sensitive and Reactive Scalps - How To Help

    All ‘sensitive scalps’ are not the same. Some of us suffer with itchy, flaky, dry scalps. Whilst others react to ingredients like plant oils, with acne style spots along the...

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  • Sport, Sweat and Hair

    To have healthy hair, you need a healthy body and that means moving it more. Campaigns like #thisgirlcan and #parkrun have gotten millions of us sweating it out and reaping...

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  • Transitioning To Natural Haircare

    When you’re making the transition to natural haircare products from conventional haircare, essentially, you're asking your hair to go through a detox process. If you’ve ever tried a detox yourself, whether it...

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  • The Down-Low on Build-Up

    Build-up. It’s probably a word that you’ve heard a lot about. There’s a rising trend for ‘detoxing your hair’, but why do you need to do it and what exactly...

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  • Co-Washing the Noughty Way

    It may have its roots in the curly-haired community, but almost all hair types can benefit from co-washing. We like to think Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is...

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  • Conquer the Co-Wash Noughty

    Conquer the Co-Wash

    At Noughty, we’re all about great products that deliver fabulous hair every day. 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is the latest tool in your arsenal to battle the bad hair...

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