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Co-Washing the Noughty Way

It may have its roots in the curly-haired community, but almost all hair types can benefit from co-washing. We like to think Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is a tool for creating good hair days.

How often you should use a co-wash, whether that’s every time you wash your hair to once in a blue moon, will be determined by your hair type and what your hair goes through day to day. By adding a cleansing conditioner into your regime gradually, you can work out the optimum balance between the co-wash and conventional hair washing with the minimum of fuss.

How to Use a Co-Wash

  1. Use a co-wash instead of a shampoo. Depending on your hair type, you may choose to condition as well.

  2. Don’t go cold turkey – gradually replace the number of conventional shampoos you do with a co-wash. This will help your scalp to adjust and reduce any oily feeling you might experience in the transition.

When To Use Co-Wash

  1. Be strategic about when you co-wash or shampoo. Save conventional shampoos for after big workouts or nights out when your hair is full of styling product and glitter. Use your co-wash on regular days or when your hair needs a little extra love.

  2. Reach for co-wash for the first couple of washes after you’ve had your hair coloured. It replenishes moisture lost to chemical treatments and can help to slow fading.

  3. As a general rule, co-wash if you’re planning an intricate hair do that is going to rely on clips, slides or pins to keep it in place. It often gives amazing ‘second day hair’ that’s not so slippy and prone to escaping from hair accessories although this can be dependent on hair type.

  4. In cold weather, during a beach-based holiday, after a flight or anytime the environment is sucking moisture from your hair is a good time to co-wash or increase the frequency of co-washing, as it adds moisture to hair.

  5. Lastly listen to your hair. It will let you know when you’ve got the balance of co-washing just right. Use our little Noughty guide below, as an initial steer to help you conquer the co-wash.

    • Curly Girls – use co-wash as often as you need.
    • Distressed or dry hair – introduce once a week. If it works for you, build up to every wash.
    • Sensitive scalps – introduce every two weeks to begin with.
    • Colour treated hair – use regularly post colour treatment to prevent fade, and then adjust based on hair type.
    • Oily scalp or hair – Co-wash may not be the product for you.
    • Fine hair – use intermittently alongside a volumising shampoo.
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