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  • 5 Tips To Reduce Frizz Noughty

    5 Tips To Reduce Frizz

    We asked our in-house experts for their 5 best tips to cut down on frizz without needing to turn to pricey salon treatments. Here's what they had to say...

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  • How To Apply A Hair Mask For Best Results

    Masking Right There’s a right way to use a hair mask. Shocking, we know. And most of it comes down to the order in which you apply product. Clean, Treat,...

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  • natural clean beauty vegan cruelty free hair mask

    Hair Masks: The Why and How

    Whether you spell them will a ‘k’ or ‘que’, longer-contact treatments like masks/masques have returns that are worth investing in. And not just for the condition of your mane: masks...

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  • Using plant extracts in natural haircare Noughty

    Using plant extracts in natural haircare

    Plant extracts are one of the best tools in the natural formulator’s arsenal. Some of the most potent activity a plant possesses is suspended in its cell walls. When we...

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  • Lifting the Lid: Haircare Myths Decoded- Silicones

    Silicones; they’re the shiny, glassy, glossy polymers of the haircare world. Sound pretty damn amazing then, right? Well despite offering that undeniable (bordering on addictive) swishability factor, they can be...

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  • Hair Myths Decoded Noughty

    Hair Myths Decoded

    Busting those haircare hacks We’ve all heard a so called ‘hair hack’, whether it’s our grandmother’s advice on regular brushing, a school friend passing on a rumour, or wisdom overheard in...

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  • sulphate free paraben free shampoo and conditioner

    Haircare Myths: Bursting the Bubble.

    At Noughty we’re committed to telling the truth, suds and all, so we love to do a little myth busting. Let’s talk bubbles. Bubbles are beautiful, but somewhere along the...

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  • The Hair Detox and the 80:20 rule.

    There’s a lot of talk these days about living by the 80:20 rule. In other words, most days we eat superfood salads and go to the gym but occasionally we...

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  • Hair moisture myths busted. Noughty

    Hair moisture myths busted.

    Your Guide to maintaining moisture for permanently luscious locks. Myth 1: Oils hydrate One of the biggest misconceptions about plant oils is that they hydrate the hair. Hydration means adding...

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  • Co-Washing the Noughty Way

    It may have its roots in the curly-haired community, but almost all hair types can benefit from co-washing. We like to think Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is...

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  • Going Natural. The Noughty Way. Noughty

    Going Natural. The Noughty Way.

    That’s the balance we’re all about. Sulphate-free shampoos like Noughty’s use natural surfactants or detergents to clean hair rather than being laden with silicones and sulphates. So if you’re making...

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