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  • Vegan cruelty free hair scrunching jelly

    Hey Curl! Wave Hello to perfect curls with Noughty's new Scrunching Jelly

    We’d like to introduce you to Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly, a lightweight styling gel formulated for lasting, flake-free hold without crunch or stickiness.

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  • Noughty Secrets: Priming & Redefining Curls Noughty

    Noughty Secrets: Priming & Redefining Curls

    If you are blessed with a full head of curls, you’ll know good hair days are often harder than they look. You patiently and lovingly style a heavenly head of curls, only...

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  • Understanding Your Curls

    When it comes to tackling curls, knowledge is power. The climate, your shampoo and even your hairdresser are often blamed for a bad curl day, but the truth is that...

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  • Hair moisture myths busted. Noughty

    Hair moisture myths busted.

    Your Guide to maintaining moisture for permanently luscious locks. Myth 1: Oils hydrate One of the biggest misconceptions about plant oils is that they hydrate the hair. Hydration means adding...

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  • Co-Washing the Noughty Way

    It may have its roots in the curly-haired community, but almost all hair types can benefit from co-washing. We like to think Noughty’s 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is...

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  • Conquer the Co-Wash Noughty

    Conquer the Co-Wash

    At Noughty, we’re all about great products that deliver fabulous hair every day. 1 Hit Wonder Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner is the latest tool in your arsenal to battle the bad hair...

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  • 97% Natural. Our Commitment.

      Being kind to your hair and our planet is the commitment that drives us here at Noughty. Quite simply, our ethos requires every Noughty formulation to be a minimum...

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  • Going Natural. The Noughty Way. Noughty

    Going Natural. The Noughty Way.

    That’s the balance we’re all about. Sulphate-free shampoos like Noughty’s use natural surfactants or detergents to clean hair rather than being laden with silicones and sulphates. So if you’re making...

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